As one of the leading energy companies, BGN efficiently conducts trading, storage and transportation of petroleum products, petrochemicals and commodities worldwide. Trading globally for over 20 years, our strategy is to reinforce our position as a leader in the energy sector and to socially respond to the global energy shortage.

BGN has a wide range of customers and suppliers worldwide, including national and multinational oil companies, leading industrial and petrochemical companies. We combine our expertise with new technologies and insights serve as a trusted partner and to deliver sustainable value for our suppliers and customers. We strive to create competitive returns for our partners.

BGN offers reliable and cost-effective shipping as well as innovative and effective financial solutions in trading. For BGN, risk management is a fundamental component of the process.


Our aim is to provide exceptional services with over 450 experienced professional staff and through our 25 offices worldwide.

We operate globally in key, strategic locations including Dubai, Geneva, Houston, London, Rotterdam and Singapore.