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    Trading energy globally
    As one of the leading energy companies, BGN efficiently operates in trading, storage and transportation of Oil&Gas products,
    petrochemicals and commodities with operations in 120 countries around the world.
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    Excellence in trading, logistics and financing
    At BGN, we use our expertise to deliver sustainable value to our customers via our strong logistics network spread across key strategic
    locations around the world. We provide customized solutions in logistics and financing to our wide range of customers.
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    Worldwide operations in key locations
    We operate globally in key, strategic locations including Dubai, Houston, London, Geneva, Rotterdam and Singapore.
    Our most important strength is the quality of our team, which consists of professionals in trading, finance, operations and logistics.
    With 450 professionals in 25 offices worldwide, our experienced team continues to provide exceptional service.
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    Leading the way to a low carbon economy
    As a leading player in the energy market, BGN has identified climate change management and climate finance as strategical areas in its future operations.
    We work with our customers and support them in their work towards zero-carbon targets by promoting green technologies and nature-based solutions
    and by introducing them with innovative tools of climate change management and climate finance.


Thanks to its strong and experienced global team, BGN has established solid relationships with refineries, producers, state oil companies and international traders.


One of the biggest commodity trading companies in the world.


Reinforcing our efficient trading activities with excellent financial backing and with a team of 450 expert & multicultural staff.


Establishing long-term partnerships based on confidentiality, reliability and quality.


With our 25 offices, primarily located in North America, EMEA and Asia, we can perform worldwide operations.


Our regional head offices are located in Dubai, Geneva, Houston and Singapore.


At BGN, we have over 20 years of experience in trading of crude oil, petroleum and petrochemical products globally. We combine our expertise wih new technologies and insights to serve as a trusted partner for our suppliers and customers.